What is Scrapbook?

Scrapbooking is a hobby that has been growing in popularity. The underlying goal is to preserve memories in a unique and creative way. A scrapbooker starts with a book and a set of memories — usually photos, clippings, and other small mementos — that he or she wants to preserve for the future.

Some scrapbookers put separate themes in separate books, whereas others reserve each individual spread — two adjacent pages of a book — for different themes. A theme can vary from a particular event, a holiday, or what life was like at a particular moment of time. One spread, for example, may be reserved for a birthday party, another for a wedding, and another for Halloween.


And Our Story, Scrapbook and Love…

Scrapbook is a fabulous way to ensure that the memories you are creating today are remembered well beyond tomorrow.

With paper, hand and love, scrapbooking is not only to share thoughts and feelings, but it’sthe passionate that you bring to your lovers.

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